1.2W USB portable LED lamp

1.2W USB portable LED lamp
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6 LED lamp bead + resistor protection, chip aluminium base + metal heat sinks;
TPU material, three crimping USB more stability, rated voltage is 5V, source rating of 1.2W.
1, can rotate 360 °, meet the needs of multiple angles
2, long life LED, up to 50,000 hours or more,
3 can be Omni-directional, flexible silicone tube bending, adjust the angle of rotation, free, flexible and convenient!
4, no external power supply directly from the inserted USB to take power;
5 super power save, power consumption less than 40mA;
6, soft white light without affecting others around you;
7, soft warm LED lights ensure clear vision in the dark, in your time at the Internet or network gaming, turned off the lights, plug in a USB lamp directly protect eye fatigue, but also save electricity, and does not affect the others rest, network and let you enjoy the fun of the game;
8, applies to notebook computers, desktop computers, and mobile power, mobile phone charger
Dimensions: 168*18*8mm
Box size: 220*50*15mm
Single product net weight: about 17.5G
Packaging weight: 35.3G
Carton size (with packaging): 32*25*24cm,100pcs,3.6kg