USB 5.1 3D high definition audio adapter

USB 5.1 3D high definition audio adapter
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Basic information:
Interface type USB
Support channel 5.1
Individual dimensions 51*22*12mm
A single weight 8.6g
Single product package size 115*100*20mm
A single product gross weight 23.6g
Product parameters:
1. chip: CM108
2. supports operating systems:/2003/XP/Vista/Win7/Linux/WinCE (5.0, 6.0)/Android (2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 4.0)/Mac
3.23 acoustics mode, 16 pace protected mode
4.USB interface, Plug and play, instead of the traditional rhythm of sound c5a.1r6d the default mode
5. directly connect speakers or headphones and enjoy the virtual 5.1-channel audio track
6. USB 2.0 compatible pure digital sound output, virtual 5.1-channel capacity
Product features and benefits:
1.LED light shows operational status
2. supports the common speakers or headphones, microphone hole
3. the microphone recording feature
4. Kara OK function
5. multiplex technology to achieve the dynamic 5.1-channel sound
6. Rotary sound field
7. switch between speakers and headphones modes
8. free analog speakers location adjustment function
9. the Mixer functions
10. output level adjustment
11. analog signal (microphone and CD-ROMs, music, TV, radio signals, etc) converted to a digital signal and save function
12. without driver
13. the real Universal Plug and play
14. drive the speaker directly supports three dimensional spatial sound and virtual 5.1-channel
15. use the USB port, use
16. do not require external power adapter
17. the advanced digital technology
Packaging details:
1. packing: blister pack or carton packaging
2. packing size: 400PCS=57*38.5*46cm weight: 10.7kg
3. color: transparent black, transparent blue, transparent green, smoke grey