• Listening through walls
  • Special pull back vechicle with secret listening device
  • Easy to listen all the action
  • High sense metal probe
  • Coming with earphone
  • Small as a jelly
  • Complete function:charge hole,earphone hole and switch knob upside
  • Easy operate,cling to the door,window or wall
  • Able to get the sound out from the wooden/brick wall, windows or door or armor plate
  • High sensitivity detector
  • Can be used for recording pen
  • How to use:
  • Clockwise turn the master switch  to start the device

    Adjust the volume until you hear the sound clearly


  • Cunsumption current:10mA
  • Usage battery:9v batteries
  • Four sections audioes choicde
     A section 200Hz
     B section 800Hz
     C section 1200Hz
     D section 2000Hz
  • Measuring element sensitivity:-70db
  • Highest audio enlargement multiple:20000X
  • Penetrate sex:Cement wall,steel wall,wood wall,Iron wall,glass,cavity brick
  • Monitor style:Earphone, can outside meet speaker
  • Record style:Have export hole can outside meet record
  • Working temperature:-20°-50°
  • Weight:140g
  • Size:43*36mm

Package included:

1xEar Listen Through Wall
1xUSB cable

Ear Listen Through Wall Device SPY Monitor Bug Eavesdropping Microphone Voice

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