Small magnet earpiece, excellent concealment. It is a 2 ways system, you can speak and hear. with 3.5mm audio jack.

* magnetic stone for taking out the earpiece from your ear
* Free connector/microphone, for cell phone, walkie talkie, mp3 player...
* Plug and Play design
* Re-designed Circuit Board, more stable, much safer
* Internal gain control, better sound for some kinds of phones

Earpiece Dimension: φ3 x 2mm (Tiny size)
Earpiece Weight: <0.1g
Volume Output: Medium
Frequency: 350Hz - 5kHz
Distortion Rate: < 5%
Battery Style: two 9V battery
Battery Life: max 5 hrs.

9V battery powered amplified loop w/ magnet earpiece

  • Product Code: Cloop
  • USD 7.00

  • 20 or more USD 6.00
  • 50 or more USD 5.00