The Micronic VR330 mp3 player sound recorder with 8GB built in flash memory and external memory.
3200mA battery lasting over 300 hours, fully charged it records or plays music non stop for 2 weeks!
8GB built in flash memory stores up to 280 hours of sound recordings or mp3 music.
Optional external microSD port for added memory up to extra 32GB / 840 hours (not included).
Recording time up to 1120 hours / 46 days of sound recordings or mp3 music files.
Super sensitive internal microphone great for recording voice / conversation.
Records clear conversation when inside clothing, pocket, bag or purse etc.
Intelligent noise reduction and automatic gain control.
Strong built in magnet sticks and secures recorder to metal surface.
Removable belt/shirt clip to wear, place or secure player/recorder.
Default record setting 64Kbps and 512Kbps high quality sound record option. 
Suitable for a wide range of portable sound recording / music player applications.
Outside dimensions 75mm x 40mm x 23mm and weighs only 53 grammes.

Please be warned of cheap fakes that are not genuine. The VR330 has been fully tested to make sure it works exactly as advertised. Making sure the battery lasts 300 hours in constant use and its sound record quality. It actually lasted 330 hours when recording to 8GB flash memory only, when recording to external TF card it reduces battery life. It is easy to use, to start recorder slide switch to on position, it powers up and records non stop until stopped by sliding switch to off position. As default it records @ 64Kbps storing 1120 hours, to record in higher quality @ 512Kbps press the "-" button until red and blue light flashes. In both settings the sound was great and overall the build quality excellent.

Please note the recorder is not sound activated nor does it have a display screen. It is small and compact in size so is the switch and buttons. Playback of recordings is by headphones or data transfer to PC/Mac by USB lead and/or removal of memory card. Works with all windows media players and VLC player on Mac iOS systems.

.WAV file record format 16bit sample rate @8kHz to 48kHz
64Kbps for longest record time of 1120 hours
512Kbps for highest quality of 136 hours
Default setting 64Kbps (1120 hrs)

Feature's and Specification's
High capacity 3200mAh rechargeable battery
Dimensions: 75mm x 40mm x 23mm
Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV
USB storage write protection
8GB-32GB storing 136-1120 hours
Bits rate: 64Kbps (default)
Bit rate: 512Kbps (optional settings)
sampling frequency 8kHz - 48kHz
Recording format: WAV
Weight: 53 grammes

Supplied with:
VR330 recorder, 8GB
USB lead


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