Support call in automatic recording.
LCD display, easy control and carry.
Use SD/MMC card to store recording files.
Support MP3 files play.
According date to create files, like 9th Sep 2009, the name of the file is "9th sep, 2009."


If the volume of the SD card is not enough, it will save the new recording automatically. (last 50M for recording)
The beginning of recording time will be not up 15s.
High impedance recording. Small convenient design. Blue LCD display, Built-in Speaker. Clock function.

Model: DSXR
Material: Plastic
Color: black
Size: 101*63*40mm
Plug type: US plug, EU plug
Voltage: 220V

Package Included:
1 x Recording Box
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Telephone Signal Line
1 x User Manual

Digital Telephone Call Phone Voice Recorder LCD Display W/ SD Card Slot US/EU XZ

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