Safety and shock resistance, Fingerprint encryption, Light fashion, Energy saving, High speed transmission


Address book backup: to carry out the address book backup, backup the address book at any time.

Data exchange: photos, videos and other file formats are exchanged between computers and apple devices.

Expansion capacity: Apple equipment itself can not expand capacity.

Recording module: recording files are copied directly through the U disk, increasing the way to export recording files.

Mail attachments: files in the local storage area can be sent as mail attachments to break the limitations of the Apple device itself.

Page copy: copy the web page part of the text, save it as TXT text, and preserve the favorite articles and information.

Third party software: third party software playback, Apple device itself does not support file format processing and editing.

File encryption: Through Touch ID fingerprint encryption settings, all data in the entire APP will become privacy, while supporting file and folder encryption functions, no longer worry about leakage.

File management: new folder can be set up, classified management and preservation of different files.


  1. USB read: 6~9MBps
  2. Lightning read: 10~16MBps
  3. USB compatible with iOS, Android, Windows system

MFi OTG USB flash drive for iPhone/iPad/iPod

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