Multi dog training system

Multi dog training system
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3 dogs training system
· Expandable control dog behavior
· The same transmitter can control three dogs (separate purchase of additional receiver)
· Ranges up to 1000 meters (outdoors)
· Correction and training in 3 modes: sound, vibration, and excitement
· 50 stalls each mode
· Combinations between tones, vibration and stimulation
· Each dog with 3 sets of storage functions
· The large LCD digital display the corresponding command
· Transmitter uses replaceable 9V alkaline battery (factory)
· The receiver uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries (factory)
· Frequency: 433.92MHz
· Lower power consumption (with power-saving features)
· An advanced high-tech chips and RF modules

Other features are as follows:

1. function: sound, vibration, for each category there are 99 levels to adjust the intensity.
2. with memory functions, you can save last used commands.
3. use can have three different sets, such as: + shock + voice + sound or vibration.
4. each receiver can save three sets of memories, that when equipped with up to three receivers, 9 sets memory can be saved.
5. automatic protection function, press and will shut down automatically after one minute.