4 In 1 Remote Dog Training Pet Collar, 250m

4 In 1 Remote Dog Training Pet Collar, 250m
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4 In 1 Remote Dog Training Pet Collar

1.the strong static impulse can fabric within 6 mm thick but unnecessary to touch the skin of the pet , therefor it is safe for the pet .

2.it is the most  effective and safest tool for training pet .

3.the warning vibration will let the pet associate the vibration with static impluse .

4.dulcet whistle and bright LED light .

5.automatic stop to save power , waterproof collar receiver .

6.receiver uses 2pcs AAA  1.5-volt batteries .

7.the power of transmitter : 1*9V battery .

1 X Dog training collar device
1 X Remote control
1 X Testing LED
1 X Collar strap
1 X 9V Battery
1 X User manual
4 X Metal head

Gift box packaging
Box size: 16.5x14x4.5cm