Bark stop collar

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Auto Anti- Bark Dog Collar
Auto Anti Bark Dog Collar 1.The most effective bark control collar. 2.High-frequency soun..
Dog Bark Training Collar
Latest bark control 1 automatic electric shock bark control 2 for different types of dogs ..
Dog Voice-activated shock collar
Voice-activated shock collar  1. The most effective bark control collar. 2. High-frequenc..
Electronic Bark Control, waterproof and rechargeable
1)Vibration Mode (V) warning prior to the stimulation  2)6 intensity levels (1-7) for a wide v..
Ultrasonic bark stopper, with customized audio commands
Ultrasonic Bark Stop Collar 1.6 seconds to record your own commands 2. Ultrasonic and audio com..
Ultrasonic Dog bark stop collar
Bark control (stop barking collar) is currently the world's only relatively humane, safe and effec..
Vibration No-Bark Collar
Vibration No-Bark Collar 1.Can make vibration to restrain the dog's barking automatically. 2.The..
Waterproof shock bark control
Pet Bark Control(adjust intensity of the sensitive) 1.7 intensity levels (1-7) for a wide variety..