Qi standard wireless charger

Qi standard wireless charger
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1.Product Standard : Qi Standard;
2.Input voltage / current: DC 5V/1.5A
3.Charging voltage / current: DC 5V/1000mA
4.Charging Frequency: 110-205 KHZ
5.Charging distance: 4~8mm
6.Compatible Brand:
  Nokia Lumia 920, LG Nexus 4,Nexus5, Galaxy S3,
  Note 2,Note 3,Galaxy S4,Galaxy S5 with receiver case, etc.  
7.Colors available: Body Colors:black,white;
  Slip ring colors: black,blue,green,white.
  The surface is the silica gel mat, so we won't worry mobile phone sliding out of the charging location any longer.
8. Adapters are classified by European, American, Australian or Britain standard.
9. Packing size: 165*115*65mm;Gross weight:330g