Qi standard wireless charger

Qi standard wireless charger
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Product description:
1.Product Standard : Qi Standard;

2.Input voltage / current:5V/1.5A
3.Charging voltage / current: DC 5V/1000mA
4.Charging Frequency: 110-205 KHZ
5.Charging distance: 4~8mm
6.Compatible Brand: Nokia Lumia 920, LG Nexus 4, Nexu5,LG G3,Galaxy S3, Note 2,Note 3, Galaxy S4
   Galaxy S5 with receiver case, etc. 
7.Body Colors:black,white; Slip ring colors: black, red, orange, blue; yellow,green,white.
The surface is the silica gel mat, so we won't worry mobile phone sliding out of the charging location any longer.
8.Small size, high energy; diameter: 69mm, thickness: 9mm
9. Packing size: 125*125*30mm
Gross weight:138.7g

Product lists:
1. T200 Wireless charging pad  x 1pc
2. USB to Micro USB Cable x 1pc
3. User Manual x 1pc
4. Retail package x 1pc