• Using high brightness chip, high brightness, no color fading, long service life.
  • High quality, high power, high quality polycrystalline silicon solar panels, conversion rate of up to 17%
  • Has large capacity lithium battery

Solar panel:polysilicon 5.5V 1W
Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh
Material: ABS
Function:light control + three luminance regulations(switch)
Lighting time: 100% bright >4 hrs, 60% bright >8 hrs, 30% bright >12 hrs

Package: 85*35*165mm
Weight: 0.18kg
Carton size: 355*345*290mm, 60pcs, 11kg

Working principle

  1. Solar floodlights rely on solar panels to absorb sunlight during the day and convert them into electrical energy stored in the rechargeable batteries inside the lamp.
  2. When it's dark at night, it will turn on.
  3. Power saving, green and environmental protection.
  4. convenient and simple.

Solar wall lamp, motion sensor + dim light, 3 operation modes

  • Product Code: SL860
  • USD 13.80

  • 20 or more USD 12.90
  • 50 or more USD 10.90

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