This is a USB flash drive that can be remotely monitored, located and recorded after downloading the mobile app.

1: Positioning via WIFI/LBS/GPRS location.
2: Recording function can be set
3: Whitelist function can be set
4: Can set active pullback monitoring
5: Can passively pull back the monitor
6: There are 50MAH batteries, which can support positioning work for about 10 minutes. This product requires power support, such as USB car power, USB mobile power, etc.

Note: It can only work under the 2G GSM network. Buyers should first determine if the local network supports it. South Korea/Japan/Taiwan region is determined not to support

Preparation Before Use


1. Prepare a nano sim card which compatible 2G GSM network,

  if a new SIM card, need 24 hours to activate properly; also need to set off the PIN code of the sim card

2. Open GPRS and Caller ID Display service of the sim card

1SMS operation

000 # number # number # number # (binding three phone )

111 (SMS recording 10 minutes pause )

222 (voice recording 10 minutes pause, auto recording

     10minutes again if any voice, every time 10minutes )

333 (voice-activated dial-back call to binding numbers )

444 (delete all contents of memory)

555 (turn off all features)

666 (vibration alarm SMS to binding number)

777 (vibration alarm call to binding numbers)

999 ( SMS Coordinate Positioning )

123#1/0 (open / close automatic upload location

2SMS commands

2.1 Restore default password: pwrst

2.2 APN settings: APN#parameter#account#password#

2.3 Remote Restart: SYSRST

MINI stick Locator+voice recorder GPS WIFI LBS 2G GSM Use mobile app Remote

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