iPhone 5S power case solar charger, 3200mAh

iPhone 5S power case solar charger, 3200mAh
Product Code: I5-3200
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Technology Specification

※Input:DC5.0V/800mA, solar input:DC5.0V/180mA
※Battery Capacity:3200mAh
※Storage Time:12 Months
※Max output Power: 4.0W
※Capacity indicate: push capacity button, 4 blue leds display capacity
※Charge indicate :For the back-up power charging,LED flashes corresponding to the positions the percentage of the power supply,LED full light after fully charged
※Charge methods: use Micro USB DC Adaptor,
※Charging time:about 4 hours
※Run time:≥6 hours
※Cycle life:>300 cycles
※Operation temperature: -10℃-40℃
※storage and transportationtemperature : -20℃-50℃
※Weight: 115g                         
※Color :Black
※size : L136.5mm×W 65mm×H 17.8mm
※Accessories : output cable 1 pcs,

Product Features:

※I5-3200 is a standby power(backup power)only for Iphone5
※High capacity : I5-3200 use high capacity ( JHN554452 1500*2)  Li-on cells.
※Conversion efficiency: it use Seiko IC (High efficiency 85%)
※Supports solar battery to charge (solar battery is 5V) this power.
※Supports notebook USB to charge this power.
※It is a green product.