Bluetooth losing alarm + remote camera

Bluetooth losing alarm + remote camera
Bluetooth losing alarm + remote camera
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  1. A key to find things
  2. Smart reminder
  3. Two-way anti-lost
  4. Mutual search for
  5. Low power consumption
  6. Remote camera

1, wide applicability

This equipment is compact, key ring, easy to carry, by binding to Apple

iPhone cell phone, can be widely used to guard children, purse, pet, briefcases, luggage bins and other anti-lost and looking for valuables.

2, two-way anti-lost search

The relative distance between the phone and the equipment warning range, the

alarm immediately. And can find things through cell phones, or by the

equipment to looking for mobile phone.

3, ultra low power, green eco

Using the latest BlueTooth 4.0 (low-power Bluetooth), TI CC2540 single-chip and a CR2032 coin-cell battery-powered, static standby power consumption of only 0.4uA, receiver sensitivity -100dbm, currently best solution for low power Bluetooth guards against losing.

4, a powerful, stable performance

Adjustable with distance (0-10 m), with guards against losing, search, alarm

will sound (or with vibration function), automatic power-saving features such

as advanced AES128 coding techniques, performance is stable and reliable.