4,200mAh External battery case solar charger for iPhone 6 plus 5.5

4,200mAh External battery case solar charger for iPhone 6 plus 5.5
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Danger and Attention!

※Do not throw i6plus-4200 power into water or make it wet.
※Do not use or store i6plus-4200 power near heat source.
※Do not throw the i6plus-4200 power into fire or heat the power.
※Don’t short circuit the power.
※Don’t extrude the battery with heavy object or the battery might be out of shape.
※Once the battery is found having problems, stop using it immediately.
※Do not use the power in extremely hot environment(80℃).if use solar battery to charge or use cigarette lighter of car to charge , please  do not with direct sunlight.
※If you store the i6-4200 power for long time ,please charge full this power and  turn off shutdown switch

Technology Specification

※Input: DC5.0V/1A Lightning
※Solar Charging: 380mA (MAX)
※Battery Capacity:4200mAh
※Storage Time:12 Months
※Max output Power: 2.5W
※Capacity indicate: push capacity button, 4 blue leads  display  capacity  
※Charge indicate : For the back-up power charging,LED flashes corresponding to the positions the percentage of the power supply,LED full light after fully charged
※Charge methods: use Lightning USB DC Adapt or, Charging Red,Charging complete Green
※Charging time :about 4 hours
※Run time: ≥5 hours
※Cycle life: >500 cycles
※Operation temperature: -10℃-40℃
※storage and  transportation temperature : -20℃-50℃
※Weight: 100g                          
※Color : Black  White
※size : L159mm×W 80mm×H 13.2mm

Product Features

※Shape exquisite fashion ,Model generous ,Work excellence ,Fashion elegant ,Convenient to carry out !
※High capacity :4200mah use high capacity  Li-Pol cells.
※Conversion efficiency: it use Seiko IC (High efficiency 93%)
※Supports solar battery to charge (solar battery is 5V) this power.
※Supports notebook USB to charge this power.
※It is a green product.

product size:18*12.3*3.3CM 211g   
carton size:50*39*22.5CM  11.3kg 50PCS