It's for Pipeline construction and maintenance, automobile engine maintenance, circuit board maintenance, sewer maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, etc. make use of pictures and video functions to solve problems that can not be solved in the past.

Wireless transmission: 5-30m, 2.425-2.493GHz
Six built-in white LED lights
Camera Head Diameter : 8.0mm
Camera resolution : HD640 * 480 , 1280 * 720, 2.0 mega pixels
Focal distance : 4-6cm
View angle : 70°
Battery capacity : 850 mah, 2 hrs working time
It has LED and photo control switch
Waterproof level : IP67
It can be used on the PC through the distribuon
It has mirror / hook / magnet
Support OS : Android / iOS / Tablet / MAC / windows

Using  self-developed camera chip module, for more professional use, the factory set the focal length of 4-6 cm waterproof grade IP67, which can be used in the water for a short time.

The latest WMI wireless connection launcher can be separated from the cell phone to the longest 25 meters away. At the same time, it can display up to five mobile phones at the same time, and the built-in battery can work continuously for 1 hour.

The controller used has quick photo keys, more snapshots, and does not miss every detail.

The 6 LED lighting controllers are integrated, and adjust brightness at any time according to the needs of the environment.

wifi endoscope, 1m camera, HD720P, IP67, OTG

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