1 Quick details :

  detect frequency range :900-2700MHZ

  working range :1-30 m


2 Product Description 

Video Scanner - Scan and Receive Virtually All Wireless Video Cameras

The all new  Wireless Camera Hunter Video Scanner wireless video monitor quickly and easily finds and detects single or multiple hidden wireless cameras and lets you see what they see. The 2.5" color TFT high resolution monitor displays the video image while the LCD window shows the exact frequency of transmission. Automatically video scans all the commonly used video frequencies in less than 5 seconds and "locks-in" on any video camera transmitter and sounds an audible alert tone. Selectable antenna sensitivity allows "lock-in" on sources up to 500 of feet away (depending on power of source transmitter). Durable all metal case.

Have you ever wondered if you are being watched by a wireless video camera? With the video scanner you can know in an instant if you have an electronic peeping tom.

Are you bored? Drive around your neighborhood and see who has wireless cameras with your video scanner.

If you've ever had experience with the Icom R3 Video Scanner and know of it's poor performance when receiving video don't be discouraged. All the hopes and dreams of the R3 come to life with this scanner.


3 Specification 

scanning frequency of 900MHz ~ 2700MHz
Action automatic scanning / Manual
Automatic scanning and 20 seconds / time (H) - 10 sec / times (MH, M, ML, L)
Manually scanning fine-tuning: 1 MHz / times / Shuttle: 10 MHz / sec.
Antenna omni-directional antenna (SMA)
Panel Display: 2.5-inch LCD
TFT color screen / black and white
Access System PAL / NTSC - CCIR / EIA
The largest current consumption largest 650mA
Battery life time of 3 to 5 hours (alkaline batteries AA/1.5V/4)
Power supply input: 100 ~ 240 VAC 50/60Hz 0.4A / output: 5 VDC 1A
Antennas: 82 mm
Short antenna: 58 mm
Size & equipment NW 120 (L) × 74 (W) × 35 (H) mm (240g)

Total weight of packaging sizes & 220 (L) × 120 (W) × 45 (H) mm (640g)
Scanner equipment and accessories, dedicated antenna × 2, dedicated transformers, video output adapter (3.5 phone to RCA)
Advantage: full-design
Automatic Scan
2.5-inch screen effects clear
Real-time monitoring

Automatic Scanning Portable Wireless Camera Scanner / Detector , 900-2700MHz

  • Product Code: WCS-99X-II
  • USD 355.00

  • 5 or more USD 345.00
  • 20 or more USD 330.00