Signal detection reference:

  • Bluetooth 2.4GHz
  • 2.4G/ 5.8G WiFi
  • GPS finder 1575.42MHz & 1228MHz
  • GSM 2G/ CDMA/ WCDMA 3G/ 4G etc.
  • Remote controller, 315/ 433MHz

With compact and mini size, the video and audio monitor can be easily hidden almost anywhere while you couldn't be able to find them.

If somebody monitor you and your family with ulterior motives, how terrible thing is! So the wireless RF signal detectors for video cam and audio bug are widely used in many occasions to avoid monitoring, such as in car, office, conference, room, dressing room, bathroom, hotel,recreation ground, military establishment or government and everywhere you need.

It is sensitive, so it can detect the video and audio equipments.

In order to avoid monitoring, the detector is designed to pick up any signals.

The scope of detecting frequency is very large form 25MHz to 6000MHz and the coverage area is up to 25 meters. When detect the video or audio device, it will alarm with sound or indicator. Therefore it can protect your privacy well.

It is efficient and easy to operate. Just like a cell phone, it can be carryed to any place and do not need for professional electronic knowledge.


   * Handheld design; comfortable when holding.
   * Use in meeting rooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms, or anyplace when needed.
   * Protect your privacy well.
   * Simple to operate.

   * Scope of detecting frequency: 25MHz-6000MHz
   * Detecting sensitivity: <=0.05mw
   * Detecting dynamic range: 70dB
   * Radius range(m):Up to 25 meters
   * Indicate mode: 9 levels LED luminescence indication /voicing instruction
   * Power: 9V laminated battery
   * Typical Battery Life: 120 minutes
   * Working Temperature: -10~+50℃

What in the box:
   * RF detector x1
   * Antenna x1
   * Battery x1

Professional RF detector, 25~6000MHz, anti-candid, anti-tracking, anti-cheating, anti-eavesdropping

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